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Biggest internet auction in Switzerland

Development in years 1999 - 2006, during all the time it was on the 1st place, while Ebay was at the 2nd place.

At the end of SysTeam's contract with QXL had following nubmers:

  1. More than 1 million of registered users,
  2. More than 350 000 live products at once,
  3. More than 12 transactions per second in rush-hours.

Platform contained Web Frontend, API, Windows Application for Customers, Integrations with partners like SwissPost and Backend with reach set of features like: User Management, Billing, Reporting, Statistics, Advertisment, etc.

Grow rate was most of the time 30% higher than predicted which was leading to extreme requirements for software optimization without additional hardware spends.

Classified Platform, child project of

  1. More than 200 000 classifieds at once.
  2. Focused on consumer usability by applying latest Web technologies and unobtrusive input validation.
  3. Easy range-based search with flexible structure of criterias.
  4. Full-featured iOS application to search and manage classifieds.
  5. Powerful web-crawler application with basic image recognition capabilities for handling image-rasterized emails, phones and addresses.
  6. Crawler was used to increase DB-size by grepping data from competitors.


2010 - 2012

Centinel Group Inc

In a word CGI is “Protection”. Innovative services and solutions, in loss mitigation and supply chain risk management. Working with different APIs like USPS, DHL, FedEx to provide insurance for valuable packages.

Alleviating customer’s needs to worry about their goods or valuables in transit.


2013 - present time

Group Colleges Australia

Infractructure of online/offline education sites.

Consists of:

Each college contains few different sites: adminstrative and sales.

Features of the main administration site:

  1. Partner Module: each Agent gets Revenue from Students he enrols for a Course.
  2. Education Timetable Management.
  3. Automatic Student Attendance Control: Card scanning in and out of classes, Automatic Attendance Warnings.
  4. Full Featured Billing System: Fees, Invoices, Receipts, control of Overdue dates and so on.
  5. Flexible Courses and Subjects selection.
  6. Integration with Moodle.
  7. Reach Featured Reporting system.

.NET VB# + Oracle10g - main administration site, .NET C# + MSSQL - misc "sale-sites", Umbraco, Moodle

2013 - present time

Dejavoo Systems Merchant Portal (Denovo)

Dejavoo's Merchant Portal solutions allow merchants an their agents manage terminals, view consumers transactions, view messages from terminals, receive email/sms/push notification about important events.

SQL Azure, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Email/SMS/Push notification.

2013 - 2015